18 September 2011


hello together

after a very long time, i’ve added a lot of new wingei (Campoma ‘08, Center Peacock, Lime Green, Red Chest, Fourpoint, Yellow Top Sword, Magenta, Snakeskin, Hybrids...
and reticulata (Manaus, Rio Icoaraci, Rio Solimoes, Rio Cauca, Jamaica, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Brasil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Haiti, Trinidad, Hybrids... ), pictures and overviews...
I am still working on the overviews, graphics and on the articles about the individual strains...

(I might also work on the homepage for a better overview and manageability)

best regards,


STOCKLIST - 10.07.2012

Poecilia reticulata

Sri Lanka - ohne

Brasilien - Rio Solimões

Brasilien – Manaus

Brasilien – „Filligran/Pfauenauge“ - ohne

Venezuela - Caracas

Surinam - Paramaribo

Paraguay - San Lorenzo

- ohne